If the children are not fighting they are runners, scouts, porters, sex slaves, cooks or spies. (Humanitarian News and Analysis). At young ages from seven to 18 these children are drugged, and taught to kill. To the rebel commanders children are easily manipulated, loyal, fearless, and there are many of them. (New York Times upfront). The modern knowledge of making light weapons have made it possible for children to use these weapons. (IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis). Rebel organizations also use children as human shields during a fight. They also used child soldiers to make suicide attacks. Armed groups in Cote d'Ivoire, Dominican Republic of Congo, and Uganda were known for raping girl soldiers. (Facts and Figures on Child Soldiers)

Child soldiers do things like fight in combat, lay mines and explosives, act as decoys, couriers or guards. Girls also do many things other than being used as sex slaves. They do domestic work, portering and also fight in battles and lay explosives. In some situations the children stay in their communities and report only when they are needed. Child soldiers also get released and then recruited by a different group. Many of them die of injuries or illnesses from the military life. (Coalition to Stop the use of Child Soldiers)