There are about 1,500 languages in Africa, the major languages are English, French, Arabic and Portuguese. (Languages of Africa). The major religions are Islam which is mostly in northern Africa and Christianity which is in southern Africa. More than two thirds of the African nations are republic which means the people elect a representative, in some countries these parties or leaders manipulate the government system to stay in power. There are also monarchy governments such as Swaziland which means there is a king or queen which is the ruler of the country. The constitutional monarchs such as Lesotho and Morocco have a constitutions who specify or limit the monarch's powers. . There are also transitional governments which has very little control over their country because of rebel groups. There are also other types of governments in Africa which are controlled by the military. (Types of Governments in the African Nations)

The child soldiers fight in wars that are the result of the actions of the country leaders. In Sierra Leone young soldiers have become so violent that they have hacked off civilians hands and arms. In the Ivory Coast and in Mozambique thousands of child soldiers have also been fighting in civil wars. In Liberia children were abducted to fight for up to 14 years for Charles Taylor who was a warlord that became the country's president. In the Democratic Republic of Congo warlords used boy soldiers to keep the war alive in places where the government had no control. In Uganda an army of kidnapped children led by a rebel leader brutally killed thousands. In Somalia teenage gunmen were hired to stop the government from becoming stable. (The New York Times upfront).